"I graduated from Harriton High School in 2014, and I am thankful every day for the education I received - not only the grades and classes and support as I applied and received admission to my dream school but also the personal experiences: my growth as a critical thinker, the wonderful community and people surrounding me
…This country is plagued by a popular notion that taxes are bad, and it indicates that many people have forgotten the purpose of taxes – to serve us…Even more so, I find it uniquely and painfully disappointing that a member of our own community is behind such an inward-thinking movement”.

Lior K.

“I can’t imagine a better K-12 education, even if my parents were multimillionaires.
I stand for LMSD because we, the middle/working class in Lower Merion, depend on it for a superior education that forms a basis for our success and the shared success of society in the future”.

Jamie S.

Hero Project

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 “As a 2004 graduate of Harriton High School currently working in education in China, this (lawsuit) horrifies me”.

Michael W.

"When you succeed in destroying everything that underpins a fair and just society, who will build your bullet proof limo, and where will you find your trustworthy bodyguards?
Can you afford gates to go high enough to hold back the unfortunates?
Cough up a few tax dollars to educate your future employees, or live like prisoners in your have/have not dystopia."

Rachel N.

“My daughter was a student in LM Schools from K-12.
We were a single parent family with constant financial struggles who believed that education was paramount.She is now a VP in a financial company at 34.
Every dime of our school tax dollars should go towards educating our children, not profits for a handful of individuals”.

Mary-Fran C.

"Public school education is the bedrock of our democracy.
Don’t the “elite” have enough already?
Do they have to steal others’ futures?”

Peter M.

"I always thought that the dream of America since Brown v. Board of Education was to give every child the opportunity to get the best possible education."

William C. III